What kind of sparks will RFID combined with drones create!

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  What kind of sparks will RFID combined with drones create!

  With the rapid development and application of RFID technology, unmanned retail, unmanned supermarket, smart parking, etc. are gradually seen in life. At present, some technology companies have perfectly combined UAVs and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies, using UAVs to achieve RFID collection of information in harsh environments, and at the same time improve the degree of intelligence of UAVs. What kind of sparks will RFID combined with drones create!

  UAV delivery has become a trend, and large logistics companies have deployed the UAV field. For example, Amazon and SF Express are doing related tests. In terms of delivery and transportation, UAVs play an important role in many application fields, enabling UAVs to read, collect, and transmit related data during flight.

  Related research projects abroad have found that drones using RFID readers can read tags attached to steel drills or public pipelines with 95% to 100% accuracy. Oilfields usually need to store thousands of pipe fittings (steel pipes used in drilling operations). These pipe fittings are stored in different areas of the oilfield, so inventory management is a very time-consuming task. Using RFID technology, when the RFID reader is within the range of the electronic tag marked item, it can be read. However, in a large storage site, it is not realistic to deploy fixed readers, and it is also time-consuming to regularly use handheld readers to read. By attaching RFID electronic tags to dozens of pipe caps or pipe insulators, UHF reader-mounted drones can usually read passive UHF RFID tags at a distance of about 12 feet. This solution not only solves the easy errors of manual management, but also greatly improves the efficiency of work. However, in large storage areas, customers need to arrange a dedicated person to "look after" the drone so that the battery can be replaced in time.

  Through the combination of RFID technology and drones, a more convenient inventory search is realized. Compared with barcodes, the information contained on RFID electronic tags can be more widely and easily changed, and it is also cheaper.

  UAV + RFID inventory realizes the real-time dynamic display and management of item inventory, greatly improving efficiency. This challenge is met by using UAVs to transmit signals from standard RFID readers. This not only solves the safety issue, but also means that drones can be deployed with existing RFID inventory systems without the need for new tags, readers or reader software.

  UAVs equipped with RFID card readers can replace the characters in inventory and complete the work faster with less trouble. A person needs a ladder or elevator to enter the tall box, which can be easily reached by a drone. The drone can be programmed to navigate the space independently, and they are more accurate and efficient than performing large-scale repetitive tasks than manual tasks. Better management.

  UHF RFID handheld terminal collection equipment makes inventory no longer difficult!

  With the rapid advancement of intelligent production and higher requirements in various links, production and sales are increasingly concerned about automation and asset management. RFID technology has become one of the important builders of intelligence, and it has made a great contribution to rapid inventory. UHF RFID handheld terminal collection will change the traditional manual inventory work of equipment. Due to the cumbersome operation of the inventory link, it is easier to make mistakes and the manual efficiency is low. The RFID handheld terminal collection equipment easily solves these problems, so that the fast inventory work can be completed easily, and the accuracy rate is very high. The UHF RFID handheld terminal collection equipment makes inventory no longer difficult!

  Take asset management as an example. The production equipment and inventory of a company have a large quantity and high density, and some equipment has a high operating temperature. If management is based on traditional barcodes or QR codes, it will face the following two typical problems:

  1. Bar code or QR code labels are easy to damage, and the replacement cost is high;

  2. It is not possible to scan all the QR codes in an area at a time in batches, and the operation efficiency is low.

  In contrast, RF receivers have long lifespan and high tolerance to harsh environments, and handheld mobile RF scanners can scan and receive data from multiple receivers at one time, which perfectly solves the above two problems. Therefore, replacing QR codes with RFID solutions has become a new choice for enterprises to solve problems such as production automation and asset management.

  Through the UHF RFID handheld terminal collection device to read the information of the goods and compare them with the goods in the system, it is easy to find out the quantity, type, warranty period and other information of the goods. Compared with traditional inventory work, it not only saves a lot of human resources, reduces labor costs, but also improves work efficiency and accuracy, and reduces enterprise losses. The cargo position is adjusted through the management system, without manual adjustment, which is more intelligent and accurate.

  UHF RFID handheld terminal collection equipment is also called PDA. Due to its light appearance and industrial design, it is suitable for mobile and inconvenient occasions. Through the RFID reading and writing function, the use of radio frequency identification technology for data non-contact, automatic collection, and long-distance identification, which can read RFID electronic tags, which are widely used in logistics warehousing and distribution management; retail stores invoicing; manufacturing workshop parts , Semi-finished products, finished products management; fixed asset management; outdoor equipment mobile inspection, patrol and other asset inventory management.

  RFID tool management technology guarantees efficient manufacturing operations

  As the saying goes, if you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools. Tool management is a very important part of the manufacturing industry. RFID technology will realize the efficient and intelligent management of tools and instruments, greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and realize information sharing management. Tools and equipment are an important and indispensable asset. Tools are one of the important helpers for production and maintenance. Tool management such as production workshops, construction sites, prison labor yards, and aircraft manufacturing workshops will be one of the important links. When dealing with tools and instruments every day, RFID technology realizes quick and convenient application, Return, find and maintain these tools. RFID tool management technology ensures the efficient operation of the manufacturing industry.

  Like wrenches and hammers, almost every industry will use common tools, but each industry will also have specific tools, some tools are even specially made for the production process, these tool assets are often expensive but indispensable . How to manage these tools and assets in an orderly and efficient manner, that is to say, accurately find them when they need to be used, prevent theft and damage, these are things that enterprise managers need to consider frequently. The efficiency and accuracy of traditional management methods such as tool screening and warehouse registration, which have been used in the manufacturing industry, cannot meet the expectations of managers.

  Disadvantages of manual management:

  1. Tools are lost due to misplacement or theft, which directly leads to replacement costs;

  2. The production efficiency is low due to manual registration of tool assets in and out of the warehouse, which is specifically manifested in finding lost tools and waiting for tool repurchase, etc.; Decreased customer satisfaction

  RFID technology realizes the comprehensive real-time tracking of the issuance, scrapping, inspection and testing of safety tools and instruments, and realizes the comprehensive real-time tracking of the safety tools and appliances, the use of tools and appliances (in and out of warehouse), and the inspection status (qualification rate) of tools and appliances. Statistical analysis, provide decision support for the management department, realize the management and expiration notice of the safety equipment inspection information, improve the work efficiency of safety equipment inspection, and realize the unified identification and storage of safety equipment based on KFID technology Automatic monitoring to ensure that the use process of safety tools can be checked and controlled.

  Now, with its accurate and efficient automated tracking management technology, RFID can greatly reduce the cost of tool repurchase, improve production efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, RFID has overcome metal environment applications, harsh production environments, long read-write distances and other manufacturing requirements that are common in manufacturing industries. RFID technology provides cost control and inventory management solutions for multiple industrial fields, effectively avoiding unnecessary losses and waste, and optimizing the management of various processes. RFID technology allows tool management, product production, tool maintenance and other links to provide high-quality automated tracking management.

  The management of safety tools and equipment based on RFID radio frequency technology realizes the construction platform of automation, informatization, intensification, sharing, and intelligent decision-making of tools and equipment management. RFID technology processes the entire life cycle management of the application, scrap, and loss of safety tools and instruments,

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