The clever application of RFID technology in the quarry!

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  The clever application of RFID technology in the quarry!

  With the rapid development of urban construction, the management of quarries also has higher requirements. The quarry uses RFID technology to improve the efficiency of the quarry, the safety of vehicle transportation, and the safety of workers. RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology that can work in the harsh environment of the quarry, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and long-distance identification and collection, so that the quarry can realize technological and information management. The clever application of RFID technology in the quarry!

  RFID technology automatically recognizes and collects information on quarry stone information collection, vehicle weight information for entering and exiting, identification information of stone leaving the factory, and terminal computer management.

  Stone information collection: The information of the finished stone, such as the length, width, height and weight of the stone, is written into the electronic tag through the RFID electronic tag reader, and the user information of the stone is stored in the tag. And fix the electronic label on the stone. It is connected to the terminal computer through a wireless network to store all the stone information in the computer.

  Weight information of vehicles entering and exiting: Assemble electronic tags on the vehicles that transport stones, so that we can write the weight information and vehicle information when the vehicles enter and exit into the electronic tags. The daily output of stone materials and the working conditions of the vehicle can be automatically calculated through the difference in the weight of the vehicle in and out.

  Ex-factory stone identification information: Since the stones are equipped with electronic tags, we can know whether the stones on the vehicle meet the requirements of the factory by inquiring the electronic tag readers through the ex-factory goods when the stones leave the factory. When all the conditions meet the factory requirements, the access control system opens the door and sends the factory stone information back to the terminal computer. These tasks can be completed in an instant, reducing a lot of labor costs.

  The terminal management computer is the focal point of the application, which will comprehensively process all data and issue corresponding operating instructions. Including all stone information, stone user information, stone factory information, etc. Users can know the current state of each stone at any time. Through the application of the electronic label system, the management of stone materials can be greatly improved and management costs can be saved. When the article with the electronic tag is within the readable range of the reader, the reader emits a magnetic field, the query signal will activate the tag, the tag requires a reflection signal according to the received query signal, and the reader receives the tag reflection back After the signal, the electronic data stored in the electronic tag is read and identified contactlessly through the decoding process of the internal circuit, so as to achieve the purpose of automatically identifying the object. Then further realize the object recognition through computer and computer network.

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