RFID technology helps the beauty retail industry set off a new wave.nfc student id card price

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  RFID technology helps the beauty retail industry set off a new wave

  With the rapid development of my country's economy, the Chinese cosmetics market, known as the "beauty economy", has now achieved unprecedented results. It can be said that the current cosmetics market is at its best momentum. Undoubtedly, for entrepreneurs, they all want to get a share of this rapidly expanding cake. In particular, the rise of e-commerce and new retail has made cosmetics a hot “pet”, and the cosmetics market is very hot. The most common ones are discounts and promotional activities. As online shopping becomes a new way of retailing in the future, physical retail of cosmetics will face great pressure. How will the new retail of RFID technology bring new life to physical stores? RFID technology has helped the beauty retail industry set off a new wave.

  The beauty retail industry also encounters various problems. For example, beauty products are common stolen products in the retail industry. Some customers fail to place the products correctly after trial. How to facilitate the customer shopping experience and provide online purchase and offline delivery. At the same time, it manages the sales of online and offline platforms, so that beauty retailers have higher requirements for the accuracy of inventory management.

  What are the advantages of RFID tags? Many beauty products are liquid or metal materials are used for packaging decoration, which will cause difficulties in reading UHF RFID tags. It is necessary to control the position of each RFID electronic tag. RFID electronic tags are different from QR codes. UHF RFID tags do not require one-to-one scanning. All tens of thousands of items in a beauty shop can be "read".

  Beauty retailers usually maintain high inventory, but a large number of unsold items are returned to the brand. RFID can improve the accuracy and visibility of inventory management and improve the efficiency of the beauty supply chain. In addition, there are a large number of counterfeit and gray markets in the beauty market. RFID tags can mark products at the source of supply, protect the brand, prevent products from flowing to unauthorized sales channels, and provide anti-counterfeiting certification for individual products.

  So, what are the advantages of RFID tags?

  Effective anti-counterfeiting traceability: There are many types of beauty products, diverse consumer groups and wide sales areas. Therefore, when facing end consumers, it is necessary to have anti-counterfeiting methods that are not easy to imitate but easy to identify. This can not only effectively curb counterfeit sales, but also Help consumers to distinguish the authenticity simply and intuitively.

  Reduce the phenomenon of merchandising: Assign a unique RFID/QR code to each product, which is equivalent to attaching a unique "ID card" to each product, so that the flow of goods can be easily learned. Using smart phones to scan RFID, QR codes and other means, monitor the phenomenon of diverting goods from one to multiple dealers, provide a basis for standardizing the sales market environment, and consolidate the brand image.

  Helping beauty brands to achieve precision marketing: according to the beauty industry's own characteristics and marketing needs, personalized code assignment, through various interactive forms such as red envelopes, membership points, scan code rewards, etc., to meet individual needs, achieve precision marketing, and provide customers Bring a new consumer experience and improve the interaction between brands and consumers. Under this rapidly changing trend of development, only by constantly advancing with the times and being good at using technology can it be possible to gain a firm foothold.

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