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One Time Used Wristband
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IC types Available with different kinds of ICs (MIFARE. I CODE, ect).
Frequency 13.56MHz
Dimension 293x34mm
Thickness 0.5mm
Band Length 293m[i]m
Weight 1g+/-0.5
Material PVC or Paper
Printing Printable with offset, silkscreen, personalizing.
Printable with ink Jet numbering (various different format)
Temperature -10℃ and + 50℃
Packaging TBA

Available IC at 13.56MHz (+/-6KHz)                                 

IC Type IC supplier Memory Function ISO Standard
MIFARE@1 S50 Philips 1K byte R/W 14443A
MIFARE@1 S70 Philips 4K byte R/W 14443A
MIFARE@ DESFire@ Philips 4k byte R/W 14443A
MIFARE Ultralight@ Philips 512 bits R/W 14443A
ICODE SLI SL2 Philips 1024 bits R/W 15693
Ti2048 Texas Instrument 2048 bits R/W 15693
Ti256 Texas Instrument 256 bits R/W 15693
INSIDE 2K Inside 2K bits R/W 15693 / 14443B

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