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RFID(UHF)Handheld Terminal HDT3000-UHF-A1
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RFIDUHFHandheld Terminal  HDT3000-UHF-A1

u  Support UHF protocol: ISO18000-6C;ISO18000-6B;
u  Read distance:
n   Ant1 read distance:30-60CM
u  Read speed/power:set by software,a single card average read time is less than 10ms each 64-bit. Power:10 to 27DB;
u  CPU:32-bit high-speed processor, locked at up to 140MHz;
u  Display resolution factor:160*160 lattice(Words :10 rows and 10 lines);
u  Support spelling input method and five stokes of Chinese input. 27 individual, includes of number key, function key and power switch key;
u  Data memory: lower power dissipation and bigger capacity RAM 8M Bytes; Flash Memory:2M Bytes~10M bytes;
u  Power systems: lithium ion power(capacity:2000mAh);
u  Security module: 2 PSAM cards standard;
u  Real-time clock, backup power suit.

Appearance sketch

Actual case:
A.  Vehicle management;
B.  Channel management;
C.  Logistics management;

Frequency 912-928MHz or others
Support label protocol ISO18000-6C,ISO18000-6B(EPC G2)
PSAM agreement ISO7816
Read distance 30-60CM
Communication port Standard serial port
Work style FHSS
Charge power Special charger

Environment temperature
1 work
2. storage

Humidity level 30% till 85%RH
Industry grade IP54
Attack text height 1.5 meters
color Picture reference
Program Support development
Language :C

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