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RFID Laundry tag
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Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a kind of rigid crystalline engineering plastic with a stable structure. It is non-toxic, flame-retardant, resistant to high-temperature and chemicals, and good in insulativity, so it can be used in rigid and durable mechanical products, or electrical products that requiring heat-resistant and flame-retardant property, or chemical equipment that requiring corrosion resistance and so on. It still has excellent electrical performance in conditions of high temperature, high humidity and high frequency. An electronic tag encapsulated with PPS plastic, which is flame-retardant, resistant to high-temperature and chemical corrosion, with high rigidity and wear resistance, can be used in harsh environments of high temperature, high humidity and corrosion; for example: Laundry, maintenance mark of car engine, chemical raw materials tracking and many other applications that need RFID tags.
The table above lists 16 different sizes of high-temperature RFID tags encapsulated with high-performance PPS materials for users to choose.

Electrical properties:
Frequency:13.56 MHz ± 0.4MHz /125KHz ± 5 kHz (Optional).
R/W Scope:Determined based on the design of the reader and installation of the antenna .
Temperature:-25℃ — +90℃.

Chemical properties:
Encapsulation materials: PPS Epoxide resin (a kind of engineering plastic that is made from polyphenylene sulfide)
Soak test: 20, 24 hours, Depth: 2m (no influence on the read/write performance)
Chemical tests: Bleach / caustic soda (20/10 hours, no influence on the appearance and the read/write performance)

Mechanical properties:
Equilibrium pressure: 20 Mpa 5 min (high rigidity, no cracks or damage on the surface)
Axial pressure: 1 kPa 10 sec (no cracks or damage on the surface)
Vibration test: Vibration frequency: 34Hz, vibration strength 6mm/2 hours (no cracks or damage on the surface).

Heat resistance:
Storage temperature: -25℃ or +120 ℃/1000 hours;
+160℃/35 hours;+220℃/30 second

Typical Applications:
  • Laundry processing, room temperature(1-40℃) washing 40 minute; high temperature(12 min When 90℃)
  • high temperature Marks of important automobile parts-high temperature resistant; modern lights and the marks --high temperature resistant;
  • Frequently used ticket cards --wear resistant;
Chemical raw materials tracking --corrosion resistant.
Guarantee period: 100 days after the receipt of goods; the failed parts under normal use conditions can be replaced (excluding the occasion that having been processed by the customer)


Diameter (±0.5mm):
9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
Thickness(±0.3mm): 2.5
Material PPS + epoxy
Reading Distance Depending on the reader design and local installation conditions
Operating Temp. -25℃ ~ + 90℃
Storage Temp. -25℃ ~ + 90℃ for 1000 hours
+160℃ for 35 hours, +220℃ for 30 seconds
Standard Color Black
Weight Details as above
Applications Any application requiring high temperature resistant
Packaging 100pcs/ cellophane bag, or customized

Available IC at 125KHz nominal (LF chip do from dia12mm)

IC Type supplier Memory Function
EM4200 EM Marin 64 bits R/O
EM4450 EM Marin 1K byte R/W
ATA5577 ATMEL 330 bits R/W
Hitag1 Philips 2048 bits R/W
Hitag2 Philips 256 bits R/W
HitagS2048 Philips 2048 bits R/W
Available IC at 13.56MHz nominal
Mifare Ultralight can do from dia9mm,
Others HF chip do from dia12mm                                 
IC Type Supplier Memory Function
ISO Standard
MIFARE® Classic1K Philips 1K byte R/W 14443A
MIFARE® Classic4K Philips 4K byte R/W 14443A
MIFARE Ultralight® Philips 512 bits R/W 14443A
ICODE SLI SL2 Philips 1024 bits R/W 15693
Ti2048 TI 2048 bits R/W 15693
Ti256 TI 256 bits R/W 15693
INSIDE 2K Inside 2K bits R/W 15693 / 14443B

Available IC at UHF:(dia24mm,dia26mm,dia28mm,dia30mm)

IC Type Supplier Memory Function
ISO Standard
U code Gen2 Philips 512/96-240/64/32/32 R/W 6C
Gen2 XM Philips 512/96-240/64/32/32 R/W 6C
Gen2 XL Philips 96-240/64/32/32 R/W 6C

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