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Inherited from the RFID technology, NFC technology provides easy identification, payment, data exchange, high-security access. Existing contactless infrastructure, based on the people prefer to keep a cell phone, rather than with his big stack of wallet1

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Leading smart card vendor

Leadercolor Smart LTD has been a plastic card manufacturer since 2009. Back then, our range of products included PVC cards with magnetic stripes and for business purposes. As market evolved, we extended and improved product lines in order to implement the most recent advances of technologies. This is why today, as one of the leaders among smart card vendors, Leadercolor not only presents the widest assortment of plastic cards, but also guarantees the longest lifespan and the best performance for every piece. Continuous orders from customers abroad since 2010 have further developed our understanding of local and international markets. A vast experience of client satisfaction helped us to thoroughly examine the standards of quality and featured services. Achieved knowledge as a commercially successful plastic card manufacturer allows us to claim our PVC cards as eligible not only for domestic clients, but for large transnational corporations as well. We understand cultural differences and similarities, which means that we design a product perfectly fitting in a current market situation regardless of geographical location.

Purposes of PVC cards and distinguishing smart cards from plain plastic cards

PVC cards have a broad use nowadays. We have collected a number of reasons why customers order items within our product range: In order to choose a correct option for a specific case, there should be understanding of difference between smart cards and plain plastic cards. The former can retain digital information, while the latter cannot. Smart card vendors commonly use RFID technology to further extend functionality of PVC cards. The item is equipped with a chip, which features contactless access to stored data. The operating range varies depending on exact implementation. Smart card with RFID is deemed to have a security breach due to inability to block signal for unauthorized reading. Thus, violator can create a device that will automatically get data from the card right after it comes in range. Initial specification didn’t consider this as risk because the range for operation is so close that it is impossible to let someone use a reader unnoticed. The concept didn’t include gathering areas of significant amount of people like in overcrowded mass transport. In order to protect a smart card (e.g. credit card with RFID chip) from third party access, card guards and card holders for RFID technology are used. The first one is placed in wallet and blocks signal for all cards. Simply removing it from wallet makes a transaction possible. The second one is a specially designed case for one card. One should pull the card from holder in order to unblock RFID functionality.

Leadercolor production lines for plastic cards and smart cards

Our manufacturing capabilities include three production lines for cards.